Gardenscapes Tips: How to Complete Levels Guide for Beginners

Gardenscapes is now one of the mostly played games played by kids on Facebook. With mobile gaming coming to such a rise these games are expected to get even more attention because of their nice game play. In Gardenscapes players have to rebuild a an ancient garden by searching the parts for the same. Player need to complete quests for each hidden object.

In Gardenscapes New Acers you need match 3 level puzzles to earn more stars. These stars are used to rebuild your favorite garden. Everything is done with the help of stars from cleaning the ground to changing benches and many tasks might require more than one stars. We hope you now understand the importance of stars in gardenscapes, You can check latest Gardenscapes hack tool for unlimited stars in order to speed up your progress.

You will have to make explosive strategies and try every trick in the book to win levels. With the help of these tips and strategies, you will know how to get lives, earn bonus coins and take advantage of power-ups to complete objectives faster:

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Gardenscapes Tricks: How to complete Objectives?

There are Three main objectives you need to keep in mind while playing this game.

  1. Gathering X number of pieces like apple, Leaves, Water droplets etc.
  2. Finding Gnomes (Check here for how to do that?)
  3. Bringing Lemonades down to bottom of the game board.

At later stages game will be difficult to proceed further as you need to complete more than one objectives at the same point of time.  Your main focus should be on collecting only those pieces and taking best advantage of rainbow blast. If the Game demands  X number of apples then try to bring them together and swap it with rainbow blast to remove all apples from the game in a one go!

You can create as many Bombs and Dynamite power-ups as possible to initiate bigger explosions. This will also remove several pieces on the game board and newer pieces will fall from the top.


2. Gnomes are covered up underneath grassy patches. The grassy patches to be expelled first to uncover gnomes. A grassy tile can be expelled just when you coordinate pieces around it twice. Here, the utilization of explosives like firecrackers, dynamites and bombs are critical to clear the range that conceals a dwarf. Concentrate on matches of at least 4 to make however many explosives as could be allowed and afterward mean them one by one to evacuate grassy tiles. Do recall that the whole territory over a dwarf should be expelled totally to haul it out.

3. To convey lemonade down to the base of the amusement board speedier, endeavor to coordinate at least 3 pieces vertically in a similar section where the lemonade is set.

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